Vegan Lash LaunchBloggers Breakfast - Dubai

Following on from the undoubtable success of her UK and Poland vegan strip lash launches, Agnes dos Santos set her sights to the UAE!
Known as the “London Lash Queen” to her loyal followers and celebrity clients, Agnes dos Santos bought her new range of vegan lashes to some of the top beauty influencers of Dubai!

LDEvents were honoured to be involved in creating Agnes dos Santos’ vision of an exclusive blogger breakfast launch into a reality in the stunning surroundings of the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.

Hosted at the stunning Mina A’Salam Hotel in the Madinat Jumeirah, the product launch was attended by 13 of the top beauty influencers and make-up artists in Dubai. Amongst the attendees, one was UK based who flew to Dubai, having attended the UK launch and has been one of Agnes dos Santos’ many supporters through her journey.
Influencers and make-up artists included: Sabrina Tubic, Amira Ibrahim, Mashaal Arshad Khan, Naima Zahin, Deepa Maben, Amy Hanbury, Carly Rothman, Ana Imran to name a few, plus Gary Thompson (The Plastic Boy) from the UK.

Guests were treated to a gorgeous buffet breakfast of Arabic cuisine, plus each guest received a goodie bag consisting of a handful of the brand new range of 11 lashes to try as well as other highly sought after lash accessory gifts. An informative presentation was given by Agnes herself, talking guests through her journey behind the new range and each individual lash, speaking to each guest individually to get to know them and find out their lash preferences.

The event set up included fresh flowers crowns for each guest to wear during the event and take home, branded cake pops and biscuits, a branded press wall for photo opportunities, and a bespoke cake which was cut at the end of the event. A photographer and videographer were on hand to photograph and film the event from start to finish.